Friday, October 29, 2010

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By now you've heard all about how police told the New York Post they found Charlie Sheen naked and "not coherent" in a trashed room of New York's Plaza hotel earlier this week. And while Sheen's rep has stuck by the story Sheen's subsequent hospital visit was simply the outcome of a nasty allergic reaction (to pants?) and, as he told CBS News, "everything else is speculation," TMZ claims to have solved one more piece of the allegedly sordid puzzle.
As officers told the New York Post, a woman was found in Sheen's messy hotel room in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, naked and hiding from the actor in the bathroom. TMZ is ID-ing her as 22-year-old porn star, Capri Anderson (legal name, Christina Walsh), and according to the outlet's sources, Anderson's been sharing her possibly harrowing tale with pals -- from which TMZ has been able to glean two details: 1) Anderson was "extremely afraid" of Sheen during whatever transpired at the Plaza; and 2) she's "extremely upset" that reports have been labelling her as an escort -- and not part of the company of thesps featured in such titles as Big Bust Cougars and Barely 18: Spring Break.
Anderson was the one to call hotel security on Sheen, TMZ reports, because the actress felt "threatened" by the star. Hotel staff responded to her call by contacting police, who arrived at the scene at 1:33 a.m. Tuesday, the New York Post reports.
Sheen and Anderson met for the first time earlier that evening at The Plaza's bar, TMZ reports, and after a night out at New York restaurant Daniel (with a group of Sheen’s friends, including his ex, Denise Richards, the Daily Mail reports), returned to The Plaza -- where Richards and their two young daughters were staying in a separate room, TMZ reports.
Sheen has admitted he'd done cocaine, in addition to drinking, prior to being discovered by cops, the New York Post reports. And as for the reported damage to the room, which the Post says is estimated at more than $7,000 US, Sheen has promised to pay up, according to the paper.
The actor has been texting gossip outlets to downplay the entire sitch. "Oh my man, I'm fine," he texted RadarOnline. "The story is totally overblown and overplayed as far as the reality of the scenario. ... I know what went down and that's where it will stay... under wraps."